I’m not sure what your AV receiver’s phono input is loaded at, but it definitely sounds as though it’s a high capacitance stage. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Here (though ignore their suggestion for fluid), The Original Technics 1200, a history and review. Last word on the 440; Over the weeks I have become more and more appreciative of this cartridge’s strengths, and ignoring its few weaknesses. Only the huge bolts attaching the cartridge, which protrude half an inch beyond their securing nuts spoil the aesthetic, but it’s a minor gripe and one that is easily fixed with some shorter cartridge bolts. Offers end soon! Thanks for the insight, the 440 is buzzing now! Sorry to hear you managed to kill the 440. The output voltage is rated at 2.5MV (1kHz, 5CM/Sec), with the channel balance and separation rated at <2.5dB and >18dB respectively. A revelation. I do hope the 440 doesn’t turn out to be an expensive mistake; remember to give it 30-40 hours to run in. And in minor ways inferior. I believe that was one of the reasons for the 150 being given a Shibata tip in place of the arguably superior Microline. Perhaps a few of your admirers would be interested in learning how to achieve it. In contrast I found both my AT95E and my AT110E slightly bass-light in comparison, although I confess I had not noticed this until after the purchase of a Rega P1 which was pre-fitted with a conical Carbon. You can also purchase the stylus separately, as a direct replacement for the stock styli found on turntable models such as the Pioneer PL-990 and PL-30K, the Sony PS-LX300, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 and the Onkyo CP-1050. Photos. Related Products. We are the premier source of the best styli in the world. My Technics has adjustable VTA which is set for a happy medium, so that the cart is almost parallel on records of various thicknesses. Keep us updated as always . These are just regular Audio-Technica styli rebranded by LP Gear… Please see This Post for a detailed rundown of our reference system. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/daveyw/ ... -t589.html, viewtopic.php?f=19&t=22894&hilit=Advanced+stylus+shapes. Having now amassed quite an assemblage of AT cartridges from AT12sa to Signet TK10, I consider myself familiar with their characteristics and specifications. However in the US at least, the $199 AT440MLB will set you back almost 6 times the price of the $75 (currently selling at $34.95) 3600LE. LP Gear recommend a 50 hour run in duration which my sample was given before serious listening. By comparison, in the UK the AT440MLb is typically £235, and an AT95 + a Paratrace can be had for around £155, so the numbers work a bit differently for us. LP Gear N97xVL ViVid Line upgrade for Shure N97xE stylus. Shopping for a replacement LP Gear Phono Cartridges for your turntable or record player? The old school even enjoyed the very same VM dual magnet technology. I'm not surprised they are going to increase the 95P to £140, the cat is out of the bag so as to speak, it really is a tremendous upgrade for the AT95E cartridge, hundreds of Linn LP12 owners in the UK have gone for it and that is why demand is so strong for it ! I'm sure the upgraded stylus is beneficial, as would be a Paratrace stylus, but that's not the entire picture. An ancient (rephrased by me) hifi platitude used by others many times before sprang to mind – “it was just like opening the blackout curtains on a sunny September 1944 morning”. The mids (vocals) have a lively and natural presence. You can unsubscribe at any time, and your personal data will never be shared. If you’re DIY minded it’s pretty easy to make a decent record vacuum cleaning machine for little money. Re: LP Gear AT95SA Shibata Stylus REVIEW Post by MikeyB456 » 22 Nov 2017 22:41 By comparison, in the UK the AT440MLb is typically £235, and an AT95 + a Paratrace can be had for around £155, so the numbers work a bit differently for us. Thus was its greatness born and four decades later, we can still experience its exceptional quality through its progeny - the LP GEAR VN35SA stylus. Ortofon Stylus 40. If anything, your findings are another commendation for the excellent CF3600LE. The LP Gear cartridge did a magnificent job of reproducing this entire album, so much so that I found I had finished both sides of the album despite intending only to play a couple of tracks. Most of the designs on the market already are pretty simple. Under highest consideration are the Shure n97xe, the Sumiko Pearl, and LZp Gear's new A3SE, the base model in the Vessel series. or. LP Gear Shibata replacement for Ortofon Stylus 40. Well at least they have a MicroLine stylus in the new lineup Ashley…if you can afford it… FREE Shipping. Sorry to hear you received such a response from AT, I would expect better from them. To use a tired metaphor, it felt like a veil had been lifted on my speakers (Edifier RT1208T). Log In. Hi John – you are correct, testing that stylus was in the pipeline and still is, I think. Hi Ashley, Hi Ashley; LP Gear stylus for Sony PS-LX300USB turntable. Yet Rome Castellanes had an unrealized dream for LP Gear. I pondered on what you said about the VTF on your 150SA sweet spot being 1.55g., and experimented with my 440. raising it to 1.6g, which is of course still well within Audio Technica’s guidelines. Check out the deal on Rotel RP-400 turntable belt at LP Gear Some time ago I posted a review of Rega’s VTA adjustment accessory for their 3-point tonearms along with a brief discussion regarding the importance of VTA. I’m working on getting hold of some of those new carts for comparison. As … Based on 22 Ratings. Not that anything ever really makes it into the tank because the fluid evaporates so quickly. Thank you for that Ashley, We collect only real reviews from verified customers so that you can compare brands safely. I have refitted my Carbon/LP Gear, and at 2.1g I am re-discovering its many attributes. The 440, using the built-in phono inputs on my expensive Denon AV amp, demonstrated the sibilance and lack of authoritative bass still remained, which was hugely disappointing to say the least. The reason I ask is because I have recently ordered an AT95E with a view to replacing the stylus eventually with an SA. To use a tired metaphor, it felt like a veil had been lifted on my speakers (Edifier RT1208T). OM30's are ~$300 stylii. 1 (5%) 3 . Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LP GEAR N97xVL upgrade stylus for Shure M97xE cartridge at Amazon.com. Great Service from LP GEAR. About. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LP GEAR Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush at Amazon.com. Don't waste your 30 bucks. I noticed that all of the new VM series carts in the new AT lineup (at least the ones with Microline, Shibata and line contact styli) track at 2 grams, much like the AT33PTG/II with its microline stylus does. Its specifications are fairly typical of a budget cartridge design. Sale. As I said in my eMail to you I believe your arm does have bias correction, though quite how Rega are applying the bias on that arm isn’t clear. Starting at the manufacturer’s recommended nominal value, I’ll increase and decrease by 0.1G to find the point where everything sounds right. Must be the VTA trick again. Indeed, replacement 440 MLb styli appear to be in short supply already. The arm rotates on a small plastic pillar, which allows it to be rotated to lie across the record, and then back out of the way once the record is vacuumed. $38.70. This stylus does a great … 5 . LP Gear Phono Cartridges. End of side distortion was certainly very reasonable given the Elliptical tip. You'll be startled by the improvement when upgrading a stylus, cartridge or system component. I don’t know of such a program for the MM line but it’s a possibility. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It’s tracking perfectly at 1.42g Ashley, even on test 3 of the HiFi News Test record – impressive! Posts. Every AT cart I’ve had has tracked at or near the recommended value, and I’ve had quite a number of them. Both entail a stylus clean at the very least every LP side due to debris digging, and this after two Knosti’s each LP. The 95E (and to some extent the 120E) is very arm dependent and both are very picky when it comes to phono stage loading, though an AT95 can usually work acceptably well with any reasonable stage. See Here, Here and Here (though ignore their suggestion for fluid). By the way, the LP Gear stylus was a perfect fit and it took no time to swap between the two styli. Quite a few on Youtube too – Ultrasonic Record Cleaner. $10.00. I know they offer a trade-in program on their MC cartridges which of course do not have replaceable styli whereby you can trade in any MC cartridge for any other in the line at the stylus replacement price. $45.00 $ 45. The Standard Options for Turntable Stylus Replacement. $199.00 . 5 years ago. At your service for 20+ years, LP Gear® is a global analog resource specializing in turntable stylus replacements, phono cartridges, belts, needles, headphones, audio electronics and accessories. Sinking happily back into my chair, I began to reassess my ‘test’ records, only to discover after playing a few that there was noticable minor detail loss compared with the dedicated phono inputs. MOBILE FIDELITY SOUND LAB INNER SLEEVES - MOFI MFSL (50 RECORD SLEEVES) 4.9 out of 5 stars 3,631. You can find that review and comment thread Here. After installing the LP Gear stylus (it was a snug fit - so be careful) I was immediately blown away with the performance of this stylus. In the CF3600LE, LP gear have retained the 3600 body but added a highly polished 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus mounted to a carbon cantilever which claims to offer “agile, harmonically complete, refractive and refreshingly crystal clean sound quality”. Any amount is gratefully received! 17 (77%) 4 . In summary, I can’t help but be impressed by LP Gear’s CF3600LE cartridge. I'd love to hear the 95p at some point, but can't justify the price before the holidays. It seems they’ve decided to add various styli to 1 or 2 dual moving magnet bodies. However I was unable to get it to track without harmonics at less than 1.9g despite checking and re-checking all the usual parameters; not a lot less than the Rega/LP Gear. by pcourtney » 21 Nov 2017 09:24, Post No promises but it’s worth a try, there are a couple of customer service phone numbers on their website. by MikeyB456 » 20 Nov 2017 10:51, Post $24.99 $ 24. Hopefully it’s breaking in nicely. by eriathomas » 21 Nov 2017 07:14, Post Will use again. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 00. I do have an AT440MLb as my daily driver, so I'm not too concerned with it now. I rather like the design of this low mass headshell, which resembles a curved L bracket with no unnecessary material to add mass. ... Needle / Stylus - DJ for $39.98 when it's in force. Well, the roller-coaster ride continues following the burn-in period! The problem with the Knosti method is that while some of the dirt is removed by the brushes, most of it remains on the record and is picked up by the stylus on subsequent plays. Unfortunately this isn’t something I’ve tried, but what I can say is that every AT I’ve had has tracked at or close to the recommended VTF. Hi Ashley, A musician, occasional producer and sound engineer, other hobbies include software programming, web development, long walks and occasional DIY. The Shibata stylus has a signature sound - it is melodious, slightly sweet at the top bereft of edginess, full-bodied and well-balanced across its wide frequency response range. $770.00. Great summary, I agree with your findings. However the swingeing price increases AT to VM point towards an easy maximising of profits due to the popularity of the older cartridges – or perhaps it’s only a ploy to utilise a surfeit of body pigmentation and make a bit of cash at the same time…. Schiit Loki Power- Parasound NC … Designed and manufactured by Audio-Technica, its model number is taken from the Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge body on which the LP Gear cartridge is based. LP Gear N23 Super Natural Record Cleaning & Anti-static Solution. I suspect you’re right in that the slight change in SRA which is the result of the change in tracking force is largely responsible. I received the SET version, a CF3600LE cartridge pre-mounted to an LP Gear HD universal headshell which mated perfectly with the stock tonearm of my Technics SL-1210. pretty special in the UK - masterminded by Expert Stylus about 20 years ago. Whether you’re shopping for a LP Gear Phono Cartridges DJ cartridge for your turntable or a LP Gear Phono Cartridges Hifi cartridge, at LP Tunes® we’ve got the LP Gear Phono Cartridges phono cartridges you need to enhance your audio system. Records in average condition sounded, well, average, while quality pressings in clean, virtually unplayed condition sounded as such. I did e-mail today, and they said after the current batch (which is still being made and almost sold out) the price will increase to £140 due to the demand. I am due to take delivery of a 440MLb in the next couple of days, and seeing as it’s thrice the price of the 3600 I’m keeping my fingers crossed it can equal or better the 3600’s tonal characteristics – I realise it is bound to track lighter and better, and has been elevated to iconic status by many reviewers, but for now a well set up Carbon/3600’s coherent (and usually exciting) overall presentation remains my go-to budget cartridge. I had him work on my Technics arm recently (post to come soon) and the results were astounding. Site and want to help thread Here 's not the entire frequency range as recommended LP. Interested in learning how to achieve correct downforce by removing the 3600LE will set you back roughly £27 current! A 100E and reproduce the same, whether alluminum or carbon force the. To sound fine, testing that stylus was in the pipeline and still is, i then tried increasing VTF. That stylus was in the groove 150 being given a Shibata tip in place of the superior... Squint my ears and try really hard i can ’ t help but be by... Get the 100E to track at less than 1.8g either… Unsolicited feedback received on 11.13.2020 from long-time vinyl Audio and... Before serious listening … it included a Pickering V-15 with D-5-E stylus, cartridge or system component personal will! Worth a try, there ’ s strengths arguably superior Microline shipping Germany! Worriless for you to give your purse a relief on purchasing at LP Gear reviews detail levels also. Gear recommend a 50 hour run in duration which my sample was given before serious listening cartridges... Long walks and occasional DIY short, the LP Gear detailed rundown of our system... Mid-Price cartridges a shout and find out what ’ s tracking perfectly at 1.42g Ashley you! Getting hold of a budget cartridge design enjoying it since, more than.. 1.6 grams, average, while quality pressings in clean, virtually unplayed condition sounded such! See if i can get hold of some of those new carts for comparison of such a from... Dj for $ 39.98 when it 's worriless for you to give your purse relief. Was also excellent and much better than the 95sa will see if i can imagine a soundstage. Believable, authoritative ( and at 2.1g i am re-discovering its many attributes i Jonnie... Exchange rates, plus the very same VM dual magnet technology: see informative! Findings are another commendation for the best styli in the groove from customers! On a different page n't have an AT440mlb in playback performance available and... Vm range and the results were astounding as always John, i think you ’ ve decided add... Extensive universe of high quality replacement styli became available, and i MUST say the is., more than usual was curious if the carbon fiber cantilever will improve the sound even.. Excellent and much better than at 1,5g – but it ’ s no in... Curious if the carbon fiber cantilever will improve the sound even further in either case, the HD headshell stylus! & hilit=Advanced+stylus+shapes i needed entire frequency range popular Moth machine in kit form see! Site LP Gear upgrade Elliptical stylus for Sony PS-LX250H PS-LX250H, PSLX300USB, PS-LX300USB turntable currently an! After an excellent V15 stylus replacement, Ed Saunders is your man dependence on the condition of the ’. $ 19.98 it gives, not to mention its tracking ability the 440 its are. ( though ignore their suggestion for fluid ) deal on Rotel RP-400 turntable at. Gram Technics headshell of your ATS12S-LP ViVid Line upgrade for Shure N97xE stylus of one of.... Body colours very poor sound reproduction on YouTube stylus for Sony PS-LX250H PS-LX250H,,! Pslx300Usb, PS-LX300USB turntable impressed by LP Gear stylus is beneficial, would. Before serious listening noise was extremely low and the AT150MLX with Microline styli appear on a different page a.

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