aklala batik

Our Center – Concept

At the Aklala Batik Education Center we provide tuition-free quality apprenticeship programs to underprivileged young women

Two curricula are proposed for free at our center: batik handcraft and tailoring.

The training is free of charge and only open to young women from difficult social backgrounds, from 15 to 25 years old. Our long-term goal is to establish Aklala Batik’s education center as a self-sufficient and sustainable entity. As a social business, we cover the regular expenses (staff, material cost, security, etc.) with the sale of our products and with support of our international partners.


The batik training lasts one year. The apprentices learn how to use wax for creating different patterns, using stamps and other methods. They also become experts in combining natural pigments in order to develop new tints and shades.

The tailoring training lasts 3 years. The apprentices learn how to sew, manufacture tailor-made clothes, and to create accessories such as bags and wallets.

Beyond the technical training, the apprentices follow English classes and are supported in their personal growth and development, self-confidence, female entrepreneurship and preparation for professional life.

The graduation

At the end of each curriculum, the apprentices take a final examination in order to obtain the « Certificat de Fin d‘Apprentissage » recognized at the national and international level.

Our center also frequently hosts public events for the community of Kpalime. We organize workshops and presentations, where we talk about current issues women face in Togo and how we can help ressolve them.